The educational philosophy of Mater Academy Columbus is geared at increasing learning opportunities and raising the academic achievement of all its students by:

-Providing a rigorous curriculum, consistent with effective teaching strategies, that incorporates the state standards.

-Delivering increased learning opportunities for all students, within a high-quality learning environment.

-Implementing mechanisms to continuously monitor, evaluate, and improve both curriculum and teaching strategies to achieve academic proficiency.

-Utilizing a methodology wherein student assessment results will offer opportunities for differentiated and targeted instruction, leading to consistently increasing student achievement outcomes.

-Providing opportunities for active involvement of students, families, and the community partners in the educational process.

-Supplementing and enhancing studies through a high-quality curriculum and extra-curricular activities promoting the development for the child’s future in the global society.

-Striving to meet the learning needs of the students by delivering effective lessons through inquiry-based teaching strategies and differentiated instruction.”

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