Mater Academy Preparatory, a proud part of the esteemed Academica network, is a beacon of holistic educational excellence in Columbus. We're committed to fostering an inclusive and innovative learning environment. 

Here, passionate educators nurture each student's unique skills, integrating an comprehensive curriculum with advanced tech facilities.

About Mater Academy, Inc.

Mater Academy, a high-performing charter school network that began operations in 1998, has a rich history dedicated to providing a top-tier education for its students. It was among the first charter schools to open in Miami-Dade County, Florida. Throughout the years, Mater Academy's commitment to academic excellence has resulted in it consistently being ranked as a top-performing school system. Over the last 25 years, Mater Academy has successfully replicated its program in Florida and Nevada, operating some of the highest performing schools in those states.

Mater Academy Preparatory is proud to be a part of the Ohio community and is committed to bringing the same level of success to the students of Columbus.

Academica is an education service provider that has been integral to Mater Academy's success. Established in 1999, a year after Mater Academy opened, Academica has been providing support services to the Mater family of schools, helping it to maintain its high standards of education. Academica supports Mater Academy in numerous ways, including strategic planning, human resources, accreditation, governance and compliance, facilities, operational management and more. This partnership has allowed Mater Academy to focus on its core mission of providing high-quality education. For more information on Academica, visit

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